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Is your Apple device damaged and in need of repair? If so, we are here to help. We at DeviceRepairs.com have compiled a list of the most common requests related to iPod repair, iPod Touch repair, & iPhone repair. Our list reveals the best do-it-yourself repair kits and full service replacement options. If your device is still covered under the manufacturer warranty, Apple.com is the best choice because most repairs are performed for little to no charge. However, if your device is outside of the warranty period, we highly recommend two sites above all of the rest. For iPod repairs, you simply can't go wrong with iRepair.com because they offer the best overall value by combining top quality parts with professional expertise, and they top it off with the lowest prices around, which earns them the top spot. As for iPhone repairs and iPod Touch repairs, iRestore.com is the definitive choice. Feel free to do your own research and you will probably agree, that these three sites are at the top of the class. Now, on to the lists.

Here's our list of top 3 repair sites

(01) Apple.com (- only if under warranty -)

(02) iRepair.com (- for iPod repairs -)

(03) iRestore.com (- for iPhone & iTouch repairs -)

Here's our list of top 10 iPod repairs

(01) iPod Replacement Parts

(02) iPod LCD Screen Replacement

(03) iPod Diagnostic Service

(04) iPod Battery Replacement

(05) iPod Headphone Jack Replacement

(06) iPod Hard Drive Replacement

(07) iPod Logic Board Replacement

(08) iPod Back Plate Replacement

(09) iPod Face Plate Replacement

(10) iPod Hard Drive Repair

Here's our list of top 5 iPod Touch repairs

(01) iPod Touch Replacement Parts

(02) iPod Touch Glass Replacement

(03) iPod Touch Battery Replacement

(04) iPod Touch Headphone Jack Replacement

(05) iPod Touch Back Plate Replacement

Here's our list of top 5 iPhone repairs

(01) iPhone Replacement Parts

(02) iPhone Screen Replacement

(03) iPhone Battery Replacement

(04) iPhone Headphone Jack Replacement

(05) iPhone Back Glass Replacement

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